Get It Right The Second Time

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(I wrote the post below for StokeSignals, hence the “we” instead of “I” — but it’s information that people struggling with naming their product or company may benefit from, so please forgive the repost and the royal “we.”)

Naming. How hard could it be, right?

Well, we’ll put it to you this way… the vast majority of our first-time clients are people who have already tried (and failed) to name their product or company. A lot goes into naming — and very often, we’re brought in because it’s taken a lot of time and a lot of money to reach the conclusion that coming up with a name wasn’t QUITE that simple, after all.

If you’re lucky, you will have wasted more time than money (planning to use a name that you later change your mind about, thereby delaying launch, for example). If you’re not so lucky, this could be pretty painful — especially if it cost you a bunch of billable legal hours to discover that a name failed trademark, and/or if the name-that’s-not-going-to-fly is already present on large quantities of physical products on retail shelves. Or perhaps you’ve got a MESS of a non-existent brand architecture, and it’s not until you’re stumbling into naming issues with your third new product line that you start to realize that you’re trying to build something special with your brand, and while bits and pieces of it are there, you’re missing the all-important foundation.

Don’t beat yourself up about it, if this is you — heck, some of our largest and most complicated projects are for big brands you’ve definitely heard of with exactly the same problem. This is why we like to say we help you “get it right the second time.”

The first time around, you’re tempted to think that the name the engineers or the marketing team came up with isn’t half bad. You’re feeling like the list you jotted down on the proverbial cocktail napkin has plenty of viable name options. You’re considering one of those cheapo online naming contests — what a bargain! Maybe you’re an agency, and you think freelancers are the solution. Bottom line: you don’t think you need a professional namer.

By the time you’re taking a second swing, you’re in a position to understand why hiring a naming professional might be worth it. We come in like a namja (that’s a naming ninja — we happen to love wordplay, in case that wasn’t painfully obvious) and 3 weeks later, you’ve got a name, and that boulder you’ve been pushing up the hill? — gone.

As part of our process, we ground ourselves in the strategy and structure of your company and brand — including any plans for the future which might be relevant to the development of a naming architecture. Then we analyze the competition, make sure that we understand the needs and desires of all stakeholders, prescreen all names for potential (trademarked and non-registered) conflicts, and finally, bring our experience to bear as we present a short list of names and field questions.

We get in and get out. Our deliverable: a name that is both great and also ownable. And we’ll make it feel as simple as you THOUGHT it was going to be the first time around.

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creating a better future for contractors & clients @; naming companies & products @

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Liz Heinberg

Liz Heinberg

creating a better future for contractors & clients @; naming companies & products @

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